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Peningo Systems selected to provide ForgeRock OpenAM and OpenIDM Professional Services

Peningo Systems has recently been selected to provide resources with expertise in ForgeRock OpenAM and ForgeRock OpenIDM to support our client’s implementation project with a federal Government Agency in Washington DC. To contact Peningo, click here or call (914) 921-3102.

high-five-with-peningoPeningo Systems will be assisting with the implementation by providing expertise in the implementation, configuration and testing of the ForgeRock OpenAM, OpenIDM and OpenDJ Solutions. Peningo Systems will be providing ForgeRock Consultants at the Professional Service level.

While many of the Professional Service organizations look to optimize their profits by reducing the cost of labor, many times these organizations cut their resources with the expertise and seniority needed for successful implementations, in lieu of less experienced and cheaper resources. Though the cost of labor has decreased for the Professional Services, many times their rates increase to the client. Many of the end clients are not aware of this, and assume that going to a Software Vendor’s Professional Service organization will yield the best available resources for their project.

For these reasons above, the quality of services from these Professional Services Organizations has declined drastically. The founders of Peningo Systems have thrived for years in providing Consulting Services with the Senior Level Experts at rates that are below the rates of the Software Vendor’s Professional Services Organizations with their sub-par to mediocre talent.

We at Peningo Systems always insure that we provide the end client with the best available resources within their respective areas of expertise. This delivery of services is at rates that below the rates of the Software Vendor’s Professional Services organizations that utilize resources that that are not as experienced and seasoned as the Peningo Systems Consultant.

If you are an “End Client” looking for IT Consulting Service providers to support your Applications, Peningo Systems provides Consultants with expertise in many areas including:

Please click on the links below to view the Peningo Forgerock Consultant resumes...

Forgerock OpenAM and OpenIDM sample resumes