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Hyperion System 9 Performance and Capacity Planning on IBM AIX

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Hyperion has released a White Paper titled “Hyperion System™ 9 BI+™ Release 9.3 Performance and Capacity Planning on IBM® AIX”.  We at Peningo Systems strongly recommend this “White Paper” for any Hyperion Consultant that will be involved in the initial planning of a Hyperion® System™ 9 BI+™ implementation on IBM AIX.  


This “White Paper” provides guidelines for capacity planning and performance improvement, and describes how to use the capacity planning data gathered during Hyperion testing. Use this document as a high-level guide for determining how to distribute BI+ services, and for guidelines on computer configuration and sizing.


This “White Paper” focuses on the performance of Hyperion System 9 BI+ Interactive Reporting™, Hyperion System 9 BI+ Production Reporting™, and Hyperion System 9 BI+ Web Analysis™ on IBM AIX servers. Tuning of database and third-party Web servers is out of this document’s scope.


The Hyperion Consultant should follow the configuration suggestions presented in this “White Paper” to avoid potential bottlenecks and ensure an efficient BI+ implementation that achieves optimal performance.


Readers are cautioned that many factors affect system capacity. Consequently, your BI+ implementation may require subsequent fine-tuning to optimize the configuration.



To download this White Paper, please click the link below:


Hyperion System™ 9 BI+™ Release 9.3 Performance and Capacity Planning on IBM® AIX White Paper


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