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Implementing an Identity Management Solution using IBM Tivoli Identity Manager

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IBM has recently released the Redbook, “Identity Management Design Guide with IBM Tivoli Identity Manager ”.  This IBM Redbook provides a methodology for designing an Identity Management solution with IBM Tivoli Identity Manager 4.6. Starting from the high-level, organizational viewpoint we show how to define user registration and maintenance processes using the self-registration and self-care interfaces as well as the delegated administration capabilities.


Identity Management is the concept of providing a unifying interface to manage all aspects related to individuals and their interactions with the business. It is the process that enables business initiatives by efficiently managing the user lifecycle (including identity/resource provisioning for people (users)), and by integrating into the required business processes. Identity management encompasses all the data and processes related to the representation of an individual involved in electronic transactions.


We at Peningo Systems strongly recommend this Redbook for any Tivoli Security Consultant / Security Architect who are involved in deploying an Identity Management solution using IBM Tivoli Identity Manager.


The Table of Contents of this Redbook is as follows:


Part 1. Architecture and design

Chapter 1. Business context for Identity and Credential Management
Chapter 2. Architecting Identity and Credential Management Solution
Chapter 3. Identity Manager component structure
Chapter 4. Detailed component design
Chapter 5. Operational solution design
Chapter 6. Tivoli Access Manager integration

Part 2. Customer environment

Chapter 7. Tivoli Austin Airlines, Inc.
Chapter 8. Identity Management design
Chapter 9. Technical implementation: Phase I
Chapter 10. Technical implementation: Phase II
Chapter 11. Technical implementation: Phase III
Chapter 12. Technical implementation: Phase IV

Part 3. Appendixes

Appendix A. Corporate policy and standards
Appendix B. Organization chart design


If you wish to download this Redbook you can to the following link:


Identity Management Design Guide using IBM Tivoli Identity Manager


If you wish to view the IBM Resource link for this Redbook, please go to the flowing link:


Click here to view the Redbook Resource page


If you wish to purchase a hard copy of this Redbook, please go to the following link:


Click here to Purchase this RedBook

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