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VMware - Recommendations For Aligning VMFS Partitions

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VMware has released a White Paper titled “Recommendations For Aligning VMFS Partitions”. The White Paper provides decision makers the information on partition alignment, a known issue in physical file systems, and its remedy. The goal of the testing reported in this paper was to validate the assumption that unaligned partitions also impose a penalty when the partition is a VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMware VMFS) partition.

This paper lists a summary of the results of our testing, recommendations for VMware VMFS partition alignment, and the steps needed to create aligned VMware VMFS partitions. It covers the following topics:


Executive Summary on page 1

Recommendations on page 2

Instructions for VMware VMFS Partition Alignment Using fdisk on page 2

Instructions for Guest File System Alignment on page 3

Caveats on page 5

Background on page 5

Performance Results on page 8

Conclusion on page 10

References on page 10


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