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Outsourcing Of Tech Jobs Offshore Threatens The Future Of The IT Industry in the USA

Outsourcing_CharmerThe future of our IT Industry in the USA is in jeopardy due to practices of some of the more "Prestigious" names in our IT Industry. We will refer to these organizations as the "Prestigious Ones".  

The claim by the “Prestigious Ones” is that outsourcing offshore is limited to low skills technical jobs.  The way America acquired our high skills workforce was due to the opportunity to train and grow through the ranks of low skill technical jobs.

Is it possible that the “Prestigious Ones” expect our college graduates to take jobs in India to train for the high skill jobs in America?  Of course not! The fact is that they do not care as long as their excessive Margins are protected.

The  Offshoring of IT Jobs  leaves our kids, when they come out of College, with no opportunities.    If this trend is left untouched, the IT Industry and the technology that has kept America prosperous and free will be compromised.  

Peningo’s solution to this problem is to bypass the “Prestigious Ones” and contract directly with the “End Client” thus allowing the IT consultant to obtain higher rates while the “End Client” obtains a cost reduction thanks to the elimination of the “Prestigious Ones” excessive Mark-ups.

The advantage of Offshore Outsourcing is based, to a point, in the lower offshore salaries and mostly to the fact that the “Prestigious Ones” will be able to service USA based businesses with a labor force that is not burdened by the USA tax system (Federal, State, Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance).
Peningo’s approach will eliminate the “Prestigious Ones” from the USA market and obviously the need to Outsource Offshore American jobs will be eliminated.

Let us Outsource the Outsourcers of Jobs Offshore!!!!


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