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Offshoring Outsourcers Of American Jobs - Major Importers Of Third World Attitudes

The Outsoucer and the ConsultantThe American IT Corporations committed to “Globalization” and “Offshore Outsourcing” of American Jobs are mostly driven by the opportunity to engage in big time “Tax Evasion”.

The reason for outsourcing of American Jobs by these “Prestigious Ones” is the fact that the employer is getting away with retaining employees in the Offshore location at lower salaries and engaging in “Big Time Tax Evasion” as those employees do not pay Federal, State, Social Security, and Medicare tax. The employer avoids paying matching Social Security and Medicare taxes, as well as, Unemployment Insurance, while the employer uses the services of the offshore employee to support operations in the USA. If the operations were supported from  a location within the USA, the companies would be require to pay all of the Taxes.

If this is not “evil” enough, these Offshore Outsourcers are the major importers of "Third World Attitudes" toward USA IT employees. The once gracious attitudes and sense of justice toward the IT labor force has been modified to reflect the “Prestigious Ones” attitude that Americans are now at the par with Third World Economies employees.

Peningo’s solution to this problem is to bypass these “Prestigious Ones”, and with the support of Peningo Systems Inc., contract directly between the Consultant and the End Client, thus, eliminating these “Prestigious Ones” excessive Mark-ups and allowing for increased compensation for the Consultant while lowering the costs for the End Client.

Let us Outsource the Offshoring Outsourcers of jobs and Importers of deplorable Third World attitudes.