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The Monopoly Game Applied To The IT Industry

Consequences of the Monopoly by the "Prestigious Ones"

 Our IT industry is being monopolized by a few large players that have formed CARTELS of companies into NETWORKS.   The larger IT players trie to monopolize demand which then is funneled through the NETWORKS, which have as the major function to imposed lower rates for the individual consultants. 

This may take the form of outsourcing the consulting assignments “offshore” where rates will be lower as the consultant will not be subject to Federal, State, and Employment Taxes.

You probably are saying to yourself that this set up is so illegal that it is not possible that our Government and some major names in Corporate America have colluded to perpetuate such an act.  It is Peningo’s opinion that it is happening.  Our response should be for the  End Clients, the IT Consultants and Peningo Systems Inc. to bypass such networks and contract directly among ourselves, excluding the organizations that are attempting to do what we believe to be illegal “Corner The Market”

It is up to us to carry this banner as many names, icons of  Corporate America  are no longer fully Americans as their stockholders are disperse all over the world and in order to obtain a few additional pennies per share are destroying the American Tax Base.  It is difficult to understand such attitudes.  We are sure that when it comes to fighting for the liberty and privileges of our democracy that protect their businesses they will not outsource such jobs.  The same Americans that they are short changing are supposed to fight and die, if necessary, for the Cartels privileges.