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Outsource The Outsourcers of our IT Jobs

My friend......I know how you feel!!!

Help PeningoGee Wiz!!! With all these “Prestigious” names in Information Technology doing all they can to monopolized our IT Consulting Industry……..while driving down our hourly rates…….. and ……. shipping as many jobs as they can offshore….it’s enough to drive one crazy!!!! With Peningo, we can reverse this trend, by cutting out these “Prestigious Ones”. Let’s fight back by Outsourcing the Outsourcers!

It is the opinion of Peningo Systems, that our Consulting and Contracting IT Industry is slowly being monopolized by the larger IT organizations. Many of these organizations are some of the more prestigious “NAMES” in Information Technology Consulting. At Peningo, we often refer to these prestigious “NAMES” in IT as the “Prestigious Ones”. The more control these entities have over our industry, the more we see a decrease or stagnation in our rates and salaries for IT related work. Outsoucing and Offshoring is just one of the many tools that these entities are using to gain control over the IT Consulting Industry.Our mission at Peningo is to reverse this trend, while placing the “End” Client in direct contact with the IT Consultants they truly are seeking without going through these larger entities (Prestigious Ones), whose mission is to monopolize the end product .

The Time has come to go direct to the “End Client” and bypass these “Prestigious Ones”!