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Contract Direct To The "End Client"

Let's go direct to the "End Client" and hang the Outsources out to dry!! 

hangingPeningo Systems has identified that the whole technical services industry is moving in a direction that we at Peningo do not want to follow.  Our reasons for rejecting such a direction are:

Suppliers of IT services have been organized into Networks of organizations or Cartels, with the purpose to control and enforce a reduction in the rates of individual consultants.  On the one side the Networks hopes to control demand and through the Networks force the rate reduction that will allow them a larger Margin.

The "End Client" recipient of the services continues to pay an ever increasing rate for such services, while the quality of the consultants being delivered to them, declines, as the more experienced refuse to participate in such equalitarian scheme.

 As the rates for the individual consultants have been reduced or become stagnant, the Networks have increase needs to seek "offshore" resources to maintain their margins.  These "offshore resources" generally are not in tune with the needs of the American Business Community.

We invite your efforts to participate as an Author on this Blog in order to bring to the attention of the "End Client" the benefits of contracting direct, which will result in increase rate for the Consultant and lower billing rate to the "End Client"