February 22, 2014

Peningo Systems selected to implement Oracle Hyperion Planning

Peningo Systems has recently been selected to provide resources with expertise in Hyperion Planning and Essbase to support our client’s implementation project with a Federal Government Agency in Washington DC.

high-five-with-peningoPeningo Systems will be assisting with the implementation by providing expertise Hyperion Planning to implement a Hyperion Planning ( multi-application solution that included an EPMA integration with Master Data Services (MFST) as well as 10 various data sources to facilitate Margin and Headcount planning. The solution included extensive reporting via Financial Reporting Studio as well as ad hoc analysis with Smart View.

While many of the Professional Service organizations look to optimize their profits by reducing the cost of labor, many times these organizations cut their resources with the expertise and seniority needed for successful implementations, in lieu of less experienced and cheaper resources. Though the cost of labor has decreased for the Professional Services, many times their rates increase to the client. Many of the end clients are not aware of this, and assume that going to a Software Vendor’s Professional Service organization will yield the best available resources for their project.

For these reasons above, the quality of services from these Professional Services Organizations has declined drastically. The founders of Peningo Systems have thrived for years in providing Consulting Services with the Senior Level Experts at rates that are below the rates of the Software Vendor’s Professional Services Organizations with their sub-par to mediocre talent.

We at Peningo Systems always insure that we provide the end client with the best available resources within their respective areas of expertise. This delivery of services is at rates that below the rates of the Software Vendor’s Professional Services organizations that utilize resources that that are not as experienced and seasoned as the Peningo Systems Consultant.

If you are an “End Client” looking for IT Consulting Service providers to support your Applications, Peningo Systems provides Consultants with expertise in many areas including:


If you wish to review resumes of Peningo Hyperion Resources, please click on the links below:


Sample Resumes of Hyperion Consultants from Peningo Systems



January 20, 2010

Peningo Systems a provider of Hyperion Consulting Services at the Professional Service Level

[This article is sponsored by Peningo Systems, Inc., a provider of Hyperion Consulting Services on a nationwide basis. For more information on Peningo Systems, please go to the Peningo Hyperion Consultants page ]


For years Peningo has provided Consultants with Hyperion expertise to vendors and IT Professional Service organizations on a nationwide basis.  We can support your Hyperion Consulting needs. Our Consultants have extensive experiences providing Hyperion Consulting via the leading "Professional Services" Organizations. The following are some of the Hyperion solutions that we can support:




  • Hyperion Financial Management - HFM
  • Hyperion Planning
  • Hyperion Capital Expense Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Hyperion Strategic Finance - HSF
  • Hyperion Financial Reporting
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Production Reporting
  • Essbase Analytics
  • Web Analysis
  • Hyperion Visual Explorer
  • Hyperion Enterprise Metrics
  • Hyperion Data Integration Management - DIM
  • Hyperion Pillar migration to Hyperion System 9 Planning
  • Data Warehousing and utilization of OLAP technology
  • Hyperion System 9 Implementation
  • Hyperion Performance Scorecard – HPS,
  • Hyperion Analyzer
  • Hyperion Integration Server – EIS
  • Hyperion Application Link – HAL
  • Hyperion Reports
  • Pillar
  • Hyperion Master Data Management
  • Brio
  • ETL
  • Hyperion System 9 Implementation and upgrades
  • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management -  FDM


Click here if you wish to view sample resumes of the Professional Service Level Hyperion Consultants provided by Peningo Systems.




Over fifteen years experience. Hyperion Essbase (3 years), Essbase Cubes (Design, implementation, loading, tuning), EIS / Essbase Intergration Services, EDS / Essbase Deployment Services, Hyperion Analyzer, Essbase Calc  Scripts, HAL, MDX Calculations, Reports, Planning, & Application Link, Comshare Decision, Oracle Financials, and
Oracle Express Products.


Specialist in the integration of data warehousing technology for accounting and financial management systems.  Incorporates subject matter expertise, project experience, advanced technical abilities, and superior communication. Sills to create financial reporting and analysis systems. Technology - Implemented client-server database technology solutions in the areas of General Ledger ERP Systems and Data Warehousing to produce customer, product and organizational profitability analytical systems.  Highly skilled in data modeling, extraction and transformation processing, reporting and analysis.  Experienced in developing multidimensional data models that  support Data Warehouses.  Proficient in developing Business Intelligence applications that support on demand
analysis and reporting.  OLAP Software:  Hyperion System 9,  Essbase Analytics, MaxL and Esscmd,  Essbase Administration Services and Essbase Application Manager; Essbase Integration Services, Business Intelligence +
BI+ Financial Reporting/Hyperion Reports,  BI+ Interactive Reporting/Brio/Hyperion Intelligence, BI+ Production Reporting/SQR, BI+ Web Analysis/Hyperion Analyzer;  Hyperion Planning,  Hyperion Enterprise, Hyperion Financial
Management, Hyperion Pillar; Oracle Explorer, Oracle Financial Analyzer


Hyperion HFM / FDM / Planning Consultant with almost 20 years of industry experience, including senior-level Project Management for global Fortune 500 companies.  


Over sixteen years of experience encompassing all aspects of Data Warehousing and utilization of OLAP technology. Hyperion Consultant / Senior Hyperion Developer with an expertise in Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase,
Hyperion Proof-of-Concept development, HyperionAnalyzer, Essbase Calc Scripts, Wired Analyzer, Integration Server, Application Link, Enterprise, Pillar, Lawson Analytic Architect, Budget Architect, Scorecard, Business Objects,
Arcplan DynaSight, DataStage, VB, Access, Excel, VBA, Lotus Notes and Crystal Reports. Microsoft certified solution provider.


Over 18 years of experience implementing, managing and using Oracle/Hyperion Business Performance Management applications including Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Financial Data Quality Management (FDM), Hyperion Enterprise 5.5, Spiderman Web Reporting,  Hyperion Planning 9.3, Hyperion Essbase, MicroControl and OnTrack.


Twenty years experience. Hyperion Consultant with a strong background in Hyperion System 9.3 HFM, Planning, Essbase, DIM and Smart View, FDM, Financial Reports, Essbase, Web Analysis and Smart View


Has over twenty (20) years of experience as a technology professional in the corporate world.  His experience ranges from programming, database design, application development and support, to people management, network administration and project management.  He has over seven (7) years experience with Hyperion products, from design, analysis and development to managing a team of support professionals using Hyperion Enterprise, Essbase, Planning, Smartview and HAL.  He has worked for clients within the manufacturing, financial, software development, semi–conductor, aerospace and defense, oil/natural gas drilling, healthcare, and services industries.  He is adept at facilitating sessions defining user requirements, developing and delivering applications and end-user training, creating and maintaining project schedules, and preparing and presenting project briefings
to executives.


Experienced HFM/System 9 Consultant - Area of Expertise:  Hyperion Financial Management 4.x and System 9.3, Hyperion Financial Data Quality Mgt (Upstream), Shared Services, Hyperion Reports 7.x and BI+ Studio, Hyperion Retrieve and Smartview.


Developer, achitect, implementer and administrator of Hyperion Planning/Essbase.  MBA with proven experience collaborating with FP&A and Consolidation teams gathering requirements, designing, programming and implementing financial, planning & accounting systems.  Has very good Hyperion calc scripts skills and is proficient in troubleshooting and fixing calc scripts. Has work on MDX calc scripts 2 years ago.  In the 90's, wrote thousands of lines of flawless programming code for multi-dimensional databases using post relational languages.


Certified Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Financial Management Expert with over 10 years of IT industry experience that includes over 8 years of full life cycle EPM solutions development. Excellent hands on design, analysis, development administration, implementation and training of Hyperion modules. Full project life cycle experience implementing Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion System 9 Financial Data Quality Management (FDM, Upstream, FDQM), Hyperion Financial Reporting (Reports), Hyperion Web Analysis (Analyzer), ODI.


Over 20 years of professional experience in all aspects of the software development life cycle, pre and post sales, specializing in Financial
Consolidations, Reporting, Budgeting and Operational Analysis.  Over 15 of those years were with Hyperion Solutions, where he implemented, led and managed over 100 presales and client implementations of Hyperion Enterprise.  He has the ability to understand and bridge the gap between business requirements and technical specifications and provide valuable and innovative solutions for technology and business groups. Steve is an effective Project Manager with established successes in sales and the creation, organization and management of sales, presales, client services, marketing, partner development, and customer care in the enterprise software and consulting industry. Prior to joining Hyperion, Steve’s experiences included various roles
in the private sector as staff, senior accountant and manager in general ledger, internal and external reporting.


With Peningo Systems, you have another option for retaining the Hyperion expertise that you need. We  have supported and provided for years IT Consultants with Oracle Hyperion expertise to "end clients" at the Professional Services level. If you're considering contacting Oracle directly to retain a Hyperion Consultant, please  consider Peningo! Please click here to contact Peningo.



June 01, 2009

Hyperion Pillar users should migrate to Hyperion System 9 Planning

[This article is sponsored by Peningo Systems, Inc., a provider of Hyperion Consulting Services on a nationwide basis. For more information on Peningo Systems, please go to the Peningo Hyperion Consultants page ]


Hyperion has released a White Paper titled “Migrating to Hyperion System 9 Planning. We at Peningo Systems strongly recommend this “White Paper” for any Hyperion Consultant that will be involved in the initial planning and implementation of Hyperion System 9 Planning, as well as, the migration from Hyperion Pillar to Hyperion System 9 Planning. 


Companies need an efficient, collaborative, and accurate planning and budgeting process to deliver a significant and sustainable competitive advantage. The cornerstone to successful implementation of collaboratively executing planning and budgeting enterprise wide to by selecting the right enterprise Planning and Budgeting Software tools. For years Hyperion Pillar software was the proven budgeting application of choice by many IT Managers. Hyperion Pillar provided managers with the ability to perform a wide range of activities, including cost center and activity-based budgeting, project and capital planning, sales forecasting, compensation planning, reporting and analysis.


With the release of Hyperion System 9 Planning, the folks at Hyperion are encouraging Pillar user to migrate to the new Hyperion System 9 Planning.  Hyperion System 9 Planning meets the cycle of business forecasting, budgeting, and planning functions, and for Hyperion Pillar users, Hyperion System 9 Planning is their next-generation planning solution. Hyperion released the “White Paper” titled “Migrating to Hyperion System 9 Planning” with the Pillar users in mind.


Hyperion System 9 Planning facilitates this more frequent, continuous adjustment of budget allocation by providing automated and Web-based workflows. As Hyperion System 9 Planning uses a Web-based architecture, planners can simply access shared planning databases and documents with their Web browsers.


If you are a Pillar user or considering a Planning and Budgeting tool for your business, for more information on Hyperion System 9 Planning, please review the links below:


If you are an "End Client" looking for a Hyperion Consulting Service provider to support your Hyperion Applications, Peningo Systems provides Consultants with Hyperion implementation expertise. For more information on Peningo Systems Hyperion Consultant support, please go to “The Peningo Hyperion Consultants” page.

Aside from Hyperion Consulting, Peningo Systems provided Consulting expertise in many areas including:

J2EE based systems architecture and development.

To see Peningo Systems areas of expertise, please go to the Peningo Technical Areas page or go to the Peningo Hyperion Consultants page .